3gatoni Rigatoni from 100% Lentils, Gluten Free 250g.

3gatoni Rigatoni from 100% Lentils, Gluten Free 250g.

Grain-legumes are an invaluable source of plant protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Taste and color are obtained naturally, being inherent to the main plant from which the pasta is made. The lack of gluten in the product makes it more tender and soft after cooking compared to wheat pasta. The taste is a bit more intense and requires a combination of suitable sauces that balance the dominating taste of the pasta.


Composition: 100% lentils. Inspired by the Bulgarian taste of the favorite lentil, the 100% lentils the 100% lentils of the Rigatoni bring its aroma and nutritional qualities! Method of preparation: Place in boiling water for eight (8) minutes. Cook six (6) mins for “al-dente”. Without gluten, no artificial additives, vegan. Store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Nutrition values for                          100 g
Energy values                           322 kcal / 1356 kJ
Fats                                                          0.50 g
– of which saturated fats                0.20 g
Carbohydrates                                     46.6 g
– of which sugar                                    2.4 g
Fibers                                                      19.8 g
Protein                                                 23.20 g
Salt  (NaCl)                                            0.20 g


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