3B Raw Bar – Goji Berry & Chia 30g

3B Raw Bar – Goji Berry & Chia 30g


Goji Berry is a fruit that is considered a source of longevity. Because of its recognized nutritional and health benefits, it is called “super food”. These small fruits contain a variety of macro and micronutrients of importance for a healthy diet, 21 minerals including zinc, copper, iron, calcium, selenium and phosphorus, as well as 6 essential vitamins, including vitamin C and A and 18 amino acids. Chia small seeds are recommended as super food and have been known for centuries as a means of increasing endurance and improving energy balance. They are extremely rich in fiber, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, pine, vitamins C, E and A, omega – 3 fatty acids, alpha – linolenic fatty acids and have great antioxidant properties. Consumption gives it strength, energy and resistance to the body, thanks to the rich content of water-soluble fiber. Does not contain gluten.



100% Raw dessert – 3B Goji Berry and Chia. Ingredients: Dates, Cashew, Apricots, Prunes, Goji Berry 8 %, Chia 5 %, Coconut. Allergens: Cashew and Coconut. Without added sugar. Manufactured in a facility that also processes peаnuts,tree nuts and other seeds.Possible traces of other nuts and nuts shell fragments. All natural product may contain hard pieces and color may vary. Store in cool, dark and dry conditions.

NUTRITION FACTS 30 g. 100 g. DV%
Calories 115 374 *
Total Fats (g.) 3 9 5
Saturated Fat (g.) 1 2 4
Cholesterol (g.) 0 0 0
Total Carbohydrates (g.) 19 63 6
Sugars (g.) 14 45
Dietary Fiber (g.) 3 8 10
Protein (g.) 2 6 4
Sodium Na (mg.) 10 33 0
Salt (mg.) 25 83

* % Daily values are based on 2000 kcal. You daily values maybe higher or lower depend on calories needs.


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