How We Got Started

How We Got Started

EXQ was established in 2016 as a family company.

Everything started in our home’s kitchen where we prepared homemade food because of our desire to eat natural and healthy food, without the side effects of preservatives, white sugar and all additional industrial ingredients contained in conventional food.

There was one major disadvantage of the healthy food offered in specialized stores, it was healthy but not very tasty, and because of this reason and our love for dried fruits and raw nuts we decided to create the original form of perfectly balanced and healthy food with good taste.

We built a small workshop where we produced our products by hand and distributed them in small coffee shops.

This also gave us the right direction about the tastes, size and characteristics of the products. Afterwards, our “hobby” turned into a good business idea, and we decided to develop it and make it bigger. We have invested our own resources, choosing 9 of our best recipes, to make our first production line “3B”.

We designed and built a modern factory meeting the highest quality food standards and production requirements.

We have created strict rules for hygiene and food safety, for workers and infrastructure of the factory. Last but not the least, we have invited specialists to prepare, create and control the whole process of production of the bars “3B” from raw material, through production, to packaging and distribution of the first series of our production line “3B”.

Our vision is transparent.

Еveryday we work hard, so people – our clients, have the chance to live a better and healthier life.

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